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Fete Welcomes you!


Ever just had that glimpse of smiles, just as breathtaking as the greatest achievement of our lives.

Ever seen those scintillating eyes, filled with grief in the stands of times.

Ever seen those children running around, just not to miss any chance of getting food in the crowd.

Ever seen the beauty of clothes that you bought some months ago which don’t hold space in your wardrobe anymore.

We feed, we spread happiness, and we spread hope because we see and give responses. There’s no such big thing as being generous and kind. There’s no such big religion as being human.

Educating Children

From Extra To Enough


Fete Foundation is a Meerut-based NGO that was started by Mr. Ishan Chawla and Mr. Anmol Dhingra with one aim in mind—the betterment of our people.

From the very start, we are working towards making this world a better place to live.

We started with a few, but today we have an outstanding team of 1000+ active volunteers.

Food Campaign

We work in the direction of filling empty stomachs, providing clothes, loving abandoned animals, enlightening minds with education, raising voices against everything that has been going wrong, and most importantly bringing unexpected smiles to faces.

For this to happen in perfect harmony we have a dedicated department for everything like content, graphic, HR, PR, field, etc. This sorted approach makes us work more specifically and efficiently for the cause.

Everyone is welcome to join our prestigious organization because we do not rest in bringing happiness to people.

Food Campaign

FETE - Team

A fresh initiative with a growing exposure aiming towards the enlistment of society simply defines FETE. 

FETE is a Non-profit Organisation based in Meerut, working to bridge the gap in a way natural phenomenon does—from extra to enough.

Our NGO makes constant efforts to pave a path for addressing issues like hunger and lack of education; ensures clothing drives, animal care, etc.

We have different departments assigned to different responsibilities to avoid uncertainty and enable us to give our best. Mere contributions are more than enough for some significant purposes. We visualise, we achieve—Team FETE.

Let us grow together and become the source of providing happiness and enlightenment—to the road of humanity.

Education : important for every child
Masking Drive
Got Silver Medal by one of our student
Our Latest Campaign

Food Distributiion

Food campaign
Did you eat today? Congratulations! While it may seem like nothing, a large population of the world is not lucky enough to  achieve the same. About 811 million people worldwide will be sleeping hungry tonight. In the past ten years, world hunger has been rising, pushing more and more people to be undernourished. The situation has been made worse by recent conflicts around the world, climate change   Read more…


Educating Children
A little lamp is sufficient to eradicate the blinding darkness. Education is that lamp which lights up a person’s life and fills their future with hope and colours.
Knowledge is your weapon and your shield against the evils of the world,  which NOBODY can take away from you. If you want to truly improve  Read more…

Clothes distribution

cloth drive
FROM EXTRA TO ENOUGH, FETE INDIA is an organisation that has come forward to become helping hands of the poor and needy. If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have extra food ,share it with those who are hungry.FETE FOUNDATION organises clothing campaigns through which they donate clothes to the poor and  needy     Read more…

What we say!

His ideology is to spread happiness and help the unprivileged people in the society. The only goal of FETE Foundation is to set the humanitarian ground and reach the zero hunger level.


It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Mr. Anmol Dhingra belived in making other's life good by giving them soo much love and happiness!!


She manages the finance records of the NGO.Her skills like good communication, technological competence, organisational management, problem solving and planning abilities help her do so.


Her skills like clear communication skill, organisational management, problem solving skill and planning abilities help us to do our work effectively and efficiently.


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