Stress management is a bosom buddy of a human being or we can say it is a part of human mentality which never disappoints us like others that they abandon us. Stress is a strain that puts pressure on us and leaves us in tension.

Introduction – Silent consumer

In this rhythm of time, every age band has a different kind of strain as the age range of 18 -24 have the stress of institutions and the age range of 25-34 say that the main cause of anxiety is related to work. Stress led to over-scrutinizing and which is a promenade to depression and which devours human brains. Stress is also an open gate for many diseases like:

Stress can gradually eat your body and 75% to 90% human diseases are caused by stress.

FETE’s Initiative

Ishan Chawla and Anmol Dhingra sowed the seeds of the Fete Foundation (FROM EXTRA TO ENOUGH) along with some omniscient youths. This foundation is functioning for the indigent of every age band. Food campaigns, Clothing drives, Education campaigns, Oonchi Udaan for women, Animal care campaigns, Tree plantation drives are the programs for spreading happiness and joy. One of the major initiatives taken by fete is for reducing mental stress as fete’s collaboration with Anuradha Chawla (life coach) to push stumbling blocks of stress, depressions, and anxiety. Fete organized a webinar for the crowd wrestling with stress as Anuradha Chawla shared her life occurrences and

embellish the facts regarding depressions and apprise the techniques to tackle stress. The two-way conversation always improves enigmas and keeping this reality in mind, the mic was open for all in the stress management session. This webinar was like a solution to many queries regarding methods of reducing depression. Some powerful methods to tackle stress mentioned below.

T T – Tackling Techniques

It is mandatory to cure anxiety and depressions as in one study that 25% to 30% reported high chronic stress.

Some techniques are that one should attempt exercises regularly as it lowers your body’s stress hormones.

We have to lessen our caffeine intake as consuming caffeine in large amounts increases anxiety.

Try to avoid the void and spend time with friends and family and we all are familiar with laughter, which is the finest medicine around the globe. Likewise, lend an ear to soothing music as nature sounds are often very calming.

Paramount tactics by Life-coach Anuradha Chawla.
Stress is equal to shoes when you have stress or anxiety just go for a run.

  1. Avoid conveying your worries, anxieties, stress, and tensity to your happy places.
  2. PP formula = Positive and Powerful.
    One should always have a positive approach so that they can shake out positivity, also it will escalate gaiety.
  3. Utilize your superpower i.e., is the human brain capacity to hark back.

FETE’s Vision

Individuals should be aware of his/her strengths as if you are no stranger to your skills, you can spadework on it and it will be like a cakewalk. Determination to chase your ambitions will build barriers for tensity which is trying to clench your mentality and will consume your sensible powers.


Survey conveys depression consuming individuals internally as well as externally. People are unable to cope up with it or the methods are undivulged. Data shows 2.2 lakh suicide deaths happen per year in India, and the silent devil behind it is stress. And this has to be crystal clear that helping others will not reduce your energy. The crowd has obscure perceptions about being a helping hand for the one who is out of sorts. There should be the availability of stress-emitting modules or the inauguration of stress-free camps.

“The only cure for grief is action”

-By Vaibhav Gautam
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