In major parts of the world, women are still denied basic education and are never allowed to run after higher education regardless of taking control of the needed acuity. This massive waste of talent is definitely holding economies towards the back.

Power is known as the ability to influence the behaviour of others with or without restraint. The limit to which a person or group holds such a type of power is related to the social influence they can flaunt. As a French fashion designer Coco Chanel quotes, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”.

What exists for men is commanded by women. Almost 50% of the world’s population is women, so treating them equally gives a momentum to the development of the society as a whole. Tradition and religion are considered to be the two big obstacles for women empowerment.


Women empowerment actually is analogous with complete development of the society. A woman who is educated, with knowledge about health, hygiene, cleanliness is capable of creating a better, disease-free environment for her family.

And also, our foundation FETE FOUNDATION held a campaign for women empowerment:

Our 1st campaign of project unchiudaan was on 2nd July 2021 and it is basically launched for women empowerment.

This project is started with the sanitary napkins with collaboration with project rubaroo (of achal foundation)

In this drive we have discussed the problem of hygiene which can occur due to over use of clothes instead of sanitary napkins.

Provided them the basic knowledge of why to use pads instead of using a cloth.

Gave them the vital information related to infection occurs due to over use of pads too.

In our 1st campaign we have distributed 90 pads with 45 women’s (2 each) and also told them the advantages of using sanitary pads.

Also, we have discussed little bit of matter with the males like how you can help your wife in her periods, don’t let them pick a heavy weight and you can also buy them a packet of pad.

DRAWBACKS FACED: In spite of their increasing number in every field, women still remain perhaps the world’s most underutilised resources. And even, In India, only 12% of menstruating women have access to and regularly use sanitary napkins. The majority of women are forced to use rags, dirty pieces of cloth, dried leaves and even old newspapers as penetrable.

We need to create an environment in which women are not scared of those staring eyes at them but brave enough to stare back again.

CONCLUSION: Consequently, our efforts should be directed towards the development of each and every section of Indian women. It is very important to protect their singleness, acceptability and dignity to ensure their position in society.  The honesty and genuineness on the part of those involved is a must. At last women’s empowerment is the need of the hour.

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