Child abuse and neglect happen at every level within all regions of education. And this is an assumption that abuse only happens with a girl child, boys and girls are maltreated in equal numbers. Small Children less than 5 years are at the greatest risk for serious injury, depression, and death from abuse. The most common abusers in most of the abuse cases are parents, other family members, or an unmarried partner of a parent. The innocent child who suffers from this maltreatment is at higher risk for cognitive delays, emotional difficulties, harm to the development of nervous and immune systems, and health problems as adults. It is most important to recognize,  prevent and report suspected child abuse and neglect because its lasting effects can end a life forever. It can completely ruin an innocent life. Sometimes life doesn’t end but it’s worse than ending forever. So, abuse must be recognized and fought back at an early age to prevent severe damage.  Small acts from everyone in a community can help save a child from this kind of harm. And It’s the responsibility of all.

The first step is to recognize child abuse. The abuse caused can be physical, emotional, sexual, or even can involve neglect by someone who has the responsibility for the child. It is normal for facing more than one type of abuse at a time. It is important to note a single sign of abuse to recognize and face it. 

Physical , Emotional , Sexual abuse...It can be anything. Anything!

It is the  responsibility of everyone in the community to report the  suspected child abuse or neglect whether it is in your concern or not. Report can be done by contacting your local child protective service agency or police department. You do not need to have proof or actual knowledge of abuse to make a report or an action. What you need is, you should have reasonable cause, heightened concerns, or belief based on your observation and maltreatment. Reporters can be anonymous but giving your name may help the investigation and the child. Because many  times, children continue to go through it due to having a lack of support. Trust your instincts. Reporting your suspicions may protect the child and get help for a family who needs it very badly. So, don’t run or ignore any abuse whether it is in your concern or not.

A parent under stress should find ways to regain control. Try to take deep breaths, call a friend or a well-wisher, put your child in a safe place , comfort him/her and take a few minutes to calm down and relax. Never be afraid to apologize to your child if you lose your temper before your child. Reach out to community centers, churches, schools, and physicians for guidance on positive parenting skills. It is helpful to learn good communication skills, how to respond to children’s physical, developmental and emotional needs.  This all can help improve parent child relationships, which is very important as the child always looks up to them.

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