In today’s world in today’s condition where people are more concerned about themselves rather than others, there is one condition that we all must be concerned about and that is sorry those are basic needs. 

So what are basic needs? There are basic five needs that all human beings require which are food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. And there are more basic needs that aren’t considered that much but are important and a few of those are sanitation and healthcare and personal hygiene.

Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty: 68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day. Over 30% even have less than $1.25 per day available – they are considered extremely poor and hence they don’t get all the basic needs necessary. And not being able to access basic needs leads many of those people to starvation and which you know eventually leads to death as well. Not being able to get basic needs or get access to basic requirements has led many families and many people to suicide as well this is a growing problem in our country and it can only be stopped if this problem is taken into consideration. The thing is basic needs are very important for a person’s survival and that’s why they are called basic needs because they’re required daily and they’re required to live and lead a better life let alone they’re required to survive. You see if we can contribute in some way or the other or try to provide a few of the basic needs we can help a lot of people survive and that’s what a lot of NGOs especially our NGO, are doing and we take pride in that.

So my message for the ones reading is to help as many people as you can and provide as much as you can because helping never gets old and it always feels good to help people. 

So take care of your basic needs and if possible help others in getting their basic needs and surviving in this jungle of concrete.

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