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greed corrupts people

Dreams of Corruption Free World

Corruption is a type of untruthfulness or a criminal offense that is attempted by an individual or an association that holds some power, to secure some illegal advantages.


Simply, corruption is the destruction of values. Corruption is a criminal offense that is caused by some idiots which will ultimately hurt them. Corruption cut off the trust we have in the public sector to act in our best interests. It also wastes our taxes or rates that have been used for some community projects. It also lets the people’s faith off which they have on their government. It is breaking the integrity of a Nation.

Cause of Corruption:

  • Lack of financial education – people just don’t know how to make money. They are just mugging up the textbooks. This will lead them to be a part of corruption.

  • Human Greed – some people amplify the corruption for thrones and money just because of their greed.

  • Flaws of the judiciary – People are not afraid of corruption because we don’t have such laws which will punish them for doing corruption.

  • Low pay scales –   Government officers got less salary as compared to private sectors.

  • Culture of society – if the whole system is corrupt then the individual will have to be a part of it whether they don’t want to be a part of that system.

  • Lack of effective media – media plays an important role in a country.  And in some cases, the media don’t show the reality for their benefit.

  • Unemployment – some people don’t get a job at their potential and that’s why they enhance corruption.

  • Political parties if we specifically talk about India, here elections occur frequently because the election parties need crores of funding which causes massive corruption.

  • Spiritual cause whenever there is ‘me’ and ‘you’ corruption will occur because we all want to be better than others.
  • free corruption

    Problems Caused By Corruption:

  • Slow down the Economic Progress –   because of the corruption, money is going into the wrong hands which doesn’t serve our nation.

  • The Exploitation of Taxpayers –   many incorrupt people pay their taxes honestly. But sometimes that money is not used for the development of the nation. In this way, taxpayers are exploited.

  • Gap Between Rich and Poorbecause of corruption the gap between rich and poor is expanding.

  • Money Out of Circulationbecause of corruption money is not reaching the right hands, it is not circulating properly which leads to slow down the economic progress.

  • The Unaccountability of GovernmentPeople don’t trust the government because the government doesn’t show how they are utilizing taxes. Due to which they don’t pay taxes which makes it black money. To save this black money they bribe some government officers which causes corruption.

  • Crony capitalismcorruption causes crony capitalism majorly during elections as parties need crores of funding so they tie up with some big businessmen which causes crony capitalism.

  • Personal loss, intimidation, and inconvenience – An individual is beaten, confined, or subject to a higher fine since the person won’t offer an incentive requested by a cop. Retirement reserves are lost to fraudsters or restricted in an illegal tax avoidance plot if they don’t want incentives to authority.

  • Partial Justice – sometimes prosecutors and even the judges are corrupt and the citizens with fewer resources may be accused unfairly.

  • Cynicism – people lost trust in the government because they didn’t work on their promises.
  • Solutions To Overcome Corruption:

  • Accountability   In India only 1-2% of people pay taxes honestly that means 98% of people don’t pay taxes which makes a lot of black money in the country. People don’t pay taxes because they don’t trust the government. If the government puts all the data of tax consumption on their websites then people can trust them. This is how we can control black money and corruption.

  • Make donations of political parties transparent According to a survey, some of the top parties get their 70-80%contribution from unknown sources i.e., nobody knows that from where they are getting money for donation. Donations for the political parties should be transparent and accountable. This will make our governments less corrupt and people can trust them.

  • Bring the political parties under the RTI act – We all know that the RTI act has exposed many scams. If political parties come under the RTI act then we can dream of corruption- free India.

  • Bring a strong Lokpal bill there must be some law that threatens corrupt people and doesn’t let people take illegal incentives.

  • Actions against black money hoarders outside India – government should bring black money back to India with help of whistleblowers. This will help the government itself to win the trust of the public and they can use that money for development.

  • Adequate protection to whistleblowers – We all know that whistleblowers play an important role in exposing scams. But in our country, most of the whistleblowers are murdered, and fortunately those who left can’t get proper protection. We should take care of whistleblowers.

  • Equivalent salary of government employees with the private sector most of the government officers think that they are underpaid due to which they take illegal incentives which cause corruption.

  • Close bureaucratic loopholes – bringing digitalization and smart governance can fulfill a dream of a corruption-free world.
  • Conclusion

    It is possible to make a corruption-free world but before that, we have to improve ourselves, our policies, our education system, and our moral values. This is how we can end up with a corrupted system.
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