Stop judging people on the basis of their body directly to put an end to expressing bad opinions about someone’s body structure.


  “Stop being judgmental, everyone is unique”
It is not admissible to judge someone by his or her physical appearance. Height, weight, colour does not decide how worthy the person actually is or about their character. We all are the creation of God and God can never be accused of anyone’s distortion.
Everyone has heard the saying                                            “Never judge a book by its cover”.

Being in colleges or schools this always happens those teachers and students are being judged by others and due to this they lose their confidence and feel hesitant. No matter if a person has the sweetest personality, if his or her appearance of the body structure is not perfect, people judge them only on that fact.

all bodies are beautiful


 We can all benefit from not being judgmental putting a stop to judging others translates on personality to greater self-acceptance and self-improvement. There can be hundreds of reasons for becoming undernourished or overweight; most reasons are beyond human control. Since we don’t know life history. We should not judge them. Everyone, whether anyone is overweight or undernourished, has a brown or white complexion, has the perfect or imperfect height should be treated seriously and treated in the same manner as others are treated. One should not know about their abilities, personalities and talent. Judging just on the basis of the body.
                   “Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.” 
 So, stop judging others.


 Avoid passing judgements :  If you find yourself being judgmental about anyone’s structure stop yourself. Observe your thoughts and if they are judgmental translate them. Understanding, acceptance, and love are another method. 

Understand : Instead of judging any person for what he’s accomplished or how he looks, strive rather than recognize the person. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to think about their background. If possible, speak to them. Find out their backstory. Everyone has one. If not, attempt to think about the instances that would possibly have led to the character appearing or searching as they do.

Accept : Once you commence to understand, or at least suppose your form of understanding, strive to accept. Accept that man or woman for who he is, except attempting to trade him. Accept that he will act the way he does, barring looking at him to change. The world is what it is, and as a whole lot, as you try, you can solely trade a little bit of it. It will proceed as it is long after you’re gone. Accept that, due to the fact otherwise, you’re in for a world of frustration.

Love :  Once you’ve conventional anyone for who he is, attempt to love him. Even if you don’t comprehend him. Even if you used to hate him in the past. Love him as a brother, or love her as a sister, no count who they are, historical or young, mild skinned or dark, male or female, prosperous or poor.

“Be curious, not judgmental”

stop being judgemental


Too much judgement about anyone harms your thoughts and even on your physical health.
 Being non-judgmental keeps one positive and healthy; it provides the inner peace and removes antipathy towards anyone. It’s less stressful and we enjoy everything more and more, like friendship or family relations. 

One becomes more productive. Possibilities become endless and one becomes more level headed. Life becomes most satisfying, joyous and contented.


Having experienced life looking to an obese and a skinny. I have in my view considered the variations in the reactions of others towards heavier people. It is from my personal experience that people, in common are nicer and much less judgmental to skinny human beings and seem to be down upon human beings who are obese at first. Many humans generalize that those obese human beings do not take care of themselves and are lazy, which we all be aware of is no longer always true.
I’ve seen little things like human beings altering seats on public transportation when a heavier person sits after them or no longer being taken critically in a job interview due to the fact of their size. The difficulty is they are judging you through your look at the first influence and it is now not right. The individual who sits after you on the bus would not be aware of something about you barring what you seem like so they decide you on that, and unluckily their response may want to be much less than kind.


Judging any person on appearance is now not OKAY. Doesn’t rely on if its height, weight, pores and skin tone, or whatever else. You mustn’t decide on an individual through their exterior because you do not know their story. There are thousands of reasons any person may be obese and most of them are out of a person’s control. People want to end making terrible humor about exercising and they want to begin embracing it. If greater humans exercised and spent greater time discovering internal peace the world would be a tons more healthy and happier place.

                                                                     – BY DEVANSH PARASHAR

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