False rape allegations are allegations of sexual harassment/rape made by someone when no such incident occurs with her. These are made to take revenge by defaming the character of a person or for material gain.


‘RAPE’ is a 4-letter word that can ruin anyone’s life forever whether the rapist or the rape victim. But this 4-letter word is also a very strong weapon that people generally use to ruin someone’s life to take revenge. False rape allegations charge is such a strong weapon to ruin someone’s career which cannot be defeated easily. In today’s world, it is very easy to make someone guilty of any crime and this crime is on the top of the list. By tearing your clothes, scratching your body, scattering your hair, you can make someone guilty of rape. In today’s modern era, it is highly practiced among teenagers to take revenge or to gain sympathy and attention in society. All the false allegations are bad but this claim is directly linked to someone’s character which cannot be washed again if it is stained once.



According to a report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the conviction rate for rape was just 27.2% in the country in 2018. It means only 27% of total rape cases were found true. From this, we can conclude how this game of defaming someone played in our country. Today’s society plays a vital role in this scenario. Before the judicial judge gives his/her jurisdiction, our society gives their jurisdiction and finds a person guilty. Society’s decision breaks down the person from deep inside because he cannot live with the existing respect and safety in the society and everyone will still call him a rapist. There are many victims of false rape allegations looking for the same respect and security as before. But that tag of being a rapist will be with them forever till the last breath. People easily judge the locality where the accused person used to live and the religion he follows. It does not affect the accused only but also his family too. They might lose their jobs and respect in society. In today’s time, before doing such things we do not think twice about the results of these false allegations. Such allegations can ruin a whole life. Sometimes, the rapist pressurized the rape victim to take the complaint back, which is counted under false rape allegations complaint. So such cases also need to be reviewed deeply. But in most of the false cases, it is found that the rape victim falsely claims that she is being raped by someone, and later it is found that the victim usually did it for personal gains. So false rape allegations also need to be reviewed seriously as they are linked to someone’s personality and character. No one can easily claim that she or he get raped by someone because rape victim also needs to face many problems in society. Everyone makes many things about the victim and his/her character which is very difficult to face. Also, you get a different kind of attention at the workplace. Everyone stares at you and thinks many weird things about yourself. So you need to think many times before accusing someone of your false rape. In our country, if we go to the police station by tearing our clothes and scratching our body and claim that the particular person has raped me then the police arrest that person without any initial proofs and evidence which must be avoided because the person who acts of being a rape victim can lie to take revenge from the accused one. 


This thing is just a thought of a bad mind which cannot be changed easily but still, there are some ways which can save people from such false claims. There is a need to make changes in the laws around the world. If all the rape cases are first reviewed and the rape is proved, then only the accused person should be called a rapist because saying someone rapist meant a lot as it is directly linked to someone’s character. A study by NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) recommends that the accused person should be given police protection till found guilty of rape. In many cases, it happens when a crowd lynched the accused person before being found guilty. In 2015, a rape accused got mob lynched in Dimapur Central Jail, Nagaland by an angry crowd without finding him guilty. So, to avoid such incidents, police protection should be given to the accused person. Also, there is a need to have rules for the media too because they used to show small news like big breaking news which affects the people’s mind. These media people themselves make the accused guilty before the judicial judgment and we people thought it correct and give the same judgment then no matter what the judicial judge said in his/her judgment. So, it is necessary to not say someone guilty of any crime until and unless the accused is found guilty by the court. Our constitution has some laws to defend the accused person from such conditions. IPC Section 500, 182, 191,192, 193, 195, 196, 200 are few laws made in our Constitution to defend the accused person from false cases.



No one has the right to destroy someone’s life by false claims and especially those which are related to the character of a person. Strict punishment should be given to such people who try to play with someone’s life and career. Rape charges are very strict and the accused cannot be granted bail easily. Also, there is a need to support such falsely accused people in their hard times and try to give them the same respect as we used to give them earlier. These people should not feel like they are alone now and will not get someone with them at the time of trouble. Also, we need to avoid our habit of judging people at first sight without knowing the facts. Moreover, if justice is done within the time then it’s justice otherwise it’s just consolation. So our judiciary also tries to give justice to such people as soon as possible because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

When will this bad game of false allegations stop-?

-Prasuk Jain

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