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Depression is one of the most common mental health problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. But the stigma against such people is also increasing gradually. Mental illness is not given more importance as compared to physical due to lack of information amongst them.

While many people accept that mental illness and the need for its treatment, still studies on stigma show that many people still have a negative view of those who are suffering from mental illness. This needs to be stopped as many people out there need help to fight against depression, anxiety and mental disorder.



Nowadays, most people suffer depression at some point in their lives all over the world. One of the most frequent mental illnesses that can ruin a person’s life and career is depression. Even though it is a treatable illness, it is becoming increasingly common among adolescents. Depressive symptoms include sadness or a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. It can cause a wide range of mental and physical issues, as well as a reduction in your capacity to operate at work and home. Symptoms of depression can range from moderate to severe and include the following: ⦁ Feeling worthless or remorseful ⦁ Sleeping problems or sleeping too much ⦁ Sadness or a depressed mood ⦁ Increased fatigue or a decrease in energy ⦁ Difficulty thinking, focusing, or making judgments ⦁ Having thoughts of death or suicide ⦁ Weight loss/gain unexpectedly. Here is the link for the YouTube video, which gives a brief about the signs of depression :


list of stigmas related to depression

Have you ever been curious about what causes depression amongst people? To understand, it is very complex because no one can understand what a person might be going through in their mind.

Depression varies different from person to person. For example, a person suffering from debt for a long time, a person who lost someone close, being bullied at home/college/school, heartbroken by their loved ones, etc. and these causes can have a deep impact in one’s life because abuse of any kind, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, might make you more susceptible to depression later in life and you won’t be able to enjoy life as you used to be.

One of the main cause which is popular amongst people which led to deep depression is natural, sadness or grief following the death or loss of a loved one.



Stigma and prejudice can exacerbate symptoms and decrease the probability of receiving treatment. According to recent research, self-stigma has a negative impact on recovery in people who have been diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. People tend to make fun of people who are undergoing depression. Because they think they are weak as compared to them, and they are just making a fuss about that. They don’t understand the pain a person might be going through.

The possible outcomes that it can lead to:

⦁ a lack of confidence
⦁ problems in social relationships
⦁ low self-confidence
⦁ decreased optimism
⦁ Reluctance to seek help or treatment, as well as a lower likelihood of sticking to a treatment plan.
⦁ Bullying, harassment in workplaces.
⦁ Believe that you’ll never succeed at particular tasks or that you’ll never be able to better your position.


Living in a society that doesn’t care about one’s mental illness is very hard in today’s world, tho your strong willpower and confidence can lead to having a much impact on your thinking. Understand that no one except you can bring change in your life. In the end, it comes down to you only to make some efforts and changes in your life. Some ideas on what you can do as an individual to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness/depression are: ⦁ Show empathy for individuals who are suffering from mental illness. ⦁ Openly discussing mental health issues, such as by posting on social media. ⦁ Educate yourself and others by providing facts and experiences in response to misperceptions or harsh comments. ⦁ Be open and honest about treatment – mental health therapy should be treated like any other health care treatment. Here is the link for the YouTube video, which gives a brief about the stigma of depression: 


Living with depression is difficult, but treatment can help you improve your situation. Your healthcare provider should be informed about your options. Take note of all of your doctor’s recommendations and put them into practice daily.

To overcome depression, use the following treatment/ therapies:

Meditations: It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to overcome mental illness. The best part about it is that it can be performed anywhere without a doctor’s prescription. From ancient times, people consider meditation as the best way to overcome any mental disorder or illness. 

Its procedure is simple: 

⦁ wake up early and do yoga
⦁ if possible go walking/running
⦁ take a frequent break between exercise 
⦁ learn how to make yourself relax while doing yoga

Stay away from booze and drugs: For a short time, drinking or abusing drugs may make you feel better. However, these drugs have the potential to exacerbate depression and anxiety symptoms in the long run. So if you’re involved in any of these addictions, get out of it. 

Learn how to interact: Sharing your problems and feelings with someone else might help you get rid of unwanted anxiety. You will end having so many friends who will eventually help you get rid of depression.

Look for yourself: Taking care of yourself might also help to alleviate depressive symptoms. This involves getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, avoiding negative individuals, and engaging in pleasurable hobbies.


On a serious note, mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, loneliness should be taken seriously in our societies, because the number of cases is gradually increasing at a rapid rate. As a result, the graph of people opting for suicide is also increasing. As we all know, depression is not thought to be avoidable in most cases. It’s tough to pinpoint what causes it, making prevention much more challenging. But even depression is not inevitable and can be cured properly if the required precautions are taken to encounter it.

Life is short, and difficulties that have an impact on our lives are an unavoidable part of it. We ought to be able to deal with it. Sharing our problems with our loved ones will almost certainly help us overcome them. Enjoy your life instead of crying over someone undeserving of your affection. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this world. Many individuals are suffering from the same problem as you are. However, they continue to struggle for a joyful existence free of any suffering. No one should be able to get inside your brain. Take their advice, but put into practice what you believe is best for you. If you want my advice, if you’re lonely, watch anime. Alternatively, you might listen to music, pursue your interests, or hone your skills. When you’re feeling depressed, the best advice anyone can give you is to talk to your parents or friends. They’ll always pay attention to you. Well, in the end, I would like to conclude by saying that you only get one life, live to its fullest. Don’t let any small things take away your happiness.

“Always believe in yourself and accept what God gives you with full stretched hands. ”  

                                                                                                             – BY AYUSH PUNDIR

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