Psychology is a relatively new field of science and it comprises the study of human behaviors, habits, and experiences.

In simple terms, we can say that psychologists are not magicians but they have some special skills which allow them to occupy a place of high importance in our lives these days.

The Mind-Body Debate remains a topic of major concern in Psychology and after going through a lot of studies and experiments we conclude that the mind and body are interrelated, they do affect each other’s functioning. If one wonders about the difference between brain and mind, it’s quite natural. Let us understand it first, Brain is a specific organ in our body consisting of complex structures and connecting nerves, that is we can see it, touch it and of course sense it.

Mind, on the other hand, is abstract that even we are not aware of, like a sudden thought that emerges within seconds because of some realization at an unconscious level, intuitions, predictions, etc. It happens so fast that we do not get the chance to analyze the situations properly. 

Psychological Issues


During Covid-19 first wave when all of us are locked in our houses or apartments we get the chance to gaze at the things which require our attention. Although the situations were rigorous and created a state of panic somehow we can deal with it by trying out new pathways to tackle similar situations, for example having a coffee or chai with family rather than beer at a club to take a break. Enjoying quality time with family and friends reduces 70-75% of our stress, exercising, dancing, and learning how to cook your favorite dish were not that bad. People who had financial stability experienced less stress and pressure whereas people struggling to find survival were more prone to physical as well as emotional instability. At this point we realize the importance of collectivism, people came forward to help each other, fed street animals, etc. All of this happened and India successfully fought against the virus but this approach did not last long. Why? Because of something which is called fear. Fear is one of the emotions that everyone experiences and the problem is we are still holding on to it. I am not saying it is completely wrong to experience fear an optimum amount of fear is necessary to ensure the safety of one and all but excessive fear is certainly more dangerous. Fear of getting contaminated, fear of losing close ones and increasing rate of financial drains, fear of losing opportunities, etc. constantly puts each one of us under a high level of anxiety.

Talking about physical symptoms or psychosomatic diseases, let us begin with a simple example first:
Have you ever felt pain in your body without any apparent cause?

Have you ever come across a diabetic person with no medical history of any such diseases?

I am assuming the answer would be yes because even research has shown results in favor. Psychology stated that the cause of many diseases can be wiped out just by making small changes in lifestyles and habits. Our personality, traits, and exposure determine our choices, decisions, and actions which reflect our behavior. The second wave of Covid-19 hits the country differently. People become more and more anxious, stress and anxiety levels reach their peak, various psychological disorders like OCD, PTSD, Bulimia, and Anorexia Nervosa have emerged due to the continuous disruption of planned events over a prolonged period, people are financially drained and they no longer enjoy observing day to day things. They want their normal lifestyle back and inflation adds to their worries. We are experiencing fear and a state of urgency at the same time with a load of multiple emotions as well. Daily life hassles contribute to acute or chronic stress and because of this prolonged version of stress, the body’s immune system weakens.


The main problem is we do not have an outlet through which we can throw our worries or fears out or we are not able to find ways to express them. It’s very necessary to have Me/We Balance to support individualistic growth but not at the rate of collectivistic withdrawal. FETE aims to bring this viable approach of Me/We Balance in our personal as well as professional life to attain a sense of accomplishment. Positive Psychology emphasizes virtues or strengths within an individual so that we tend to look at the process of becoming a happier and brighter version of ourselves.

There are 6 virtues:

1. Wisdom

2. Courage

3. Humanity

4. Justice

5. Temperance

6. Transcendence and 24 strengths connect us and help us to attain higher levels in the hierarchy of needs. We all are together in this and therefore it is very essential to know about mind
and body interaction, and behaviors. It is very necessary to remove the taboos associated with psychological disorders; it’s not always depression or mental instability, there is a lot more we have and
even more to talk about.

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