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    Successful Women Still Face Societal Pressure – Yes or No?

    Successful Women Still Face Societal Pressure – Yes or No? INTRODUCTION- Women and their rights are always a part of the hot topics on different platforms. Whether it is social media or the staff room from a school, this topic is deeper than anyone with a brain can think. It is not a new trendy topic as it’s been in the market even before the market was born. No one remembers when it began existing in this world where both men and women are fighting for equality with a newly recognized gender. It is not all about gender equality by government or in the corporate world, it is the equality…

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    ALARMING SUICIDE RATE IN STUDENTS INTRODUCTION- Suicide could be a desperate plan to escape from sufferings that one feels is unendurable. People are at a high risk of this as they are often deeply conflicted regarding dying by suicide and instead, they need a robust to solve their issues, should not lose hope in their life. Unsighted by despair, isolation, self-loathing, or alternative tough feelings or thoughts, they’re usually unable to seek out an answer to finish their pain apart from taking their own life.Suicide of one may affect the health and well-being of their closed ones like friends, loved ones, co-workers, and therefore the community. When one folk die,…

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