Successful Women Still Face Societal Pressure – Yes or No?



Women and their rights are always a part of the hot topics on different platforms. Whether it is social media or the staff room from a school, this topic is deeper than anyone with a brain can think. It is not a new trendy topic as it’s been in the market even before the market was born. No one remembers when it began existing in this world where both men and women are fighting for equality with a newly recognized gender. 


It is not all about gender equality by government or in the corporate world, it is the equality that people are speaking from society. Society is a direct and indirect part of this whole matter. A society that can play a silent role in both women’s lives and in differentiating a successful person from an unsuccessful or not-so-successful person. 

What is society? 

Before beginning our search for the question, “Are successful women still facing societal pressure?” we need to stop by in between to search for the meaning of society. Who is society? And how does it matter in an individual’s life? More precisely what is society? 

Well, theoretically, society is a group of people who might have something in common, whether it is their beliefs, their religion, their practices, their geological area, or anything. They create and form the norms of livelihood at a ground level and convey the message of what is right and what is wrong. It is something that we say, but it is what it is defined as. 


In technical terms we all are a part of various societies as it is not important to carry out a label that we belong to society, just you being a human being who can convey their message. Yes, you reading this blog is a part of society and therefore your thought process matters a lot. How you see the world and how

you want it to be matters. Societal pressure is on everyone and it is an unseen wave of generalization that is around us, affecting us day by day.

How Women are facing
societal pressure?

Societal pressure is the pressure to fit in the idealized category of being a human, man, and woman according to their mold. Yes, the transgender category is not fitting much well in it.

Women have always been a part of this pressure through their close ones or through the people who are in touch with their close ones. From their dressing sense to their illness, everything is under pressure from the society which demonstrated women as a weaker sector of the society. 


In Past

To understand the answers to the modern world, it is better to understand its history first. In the past, you can see how women were forced to maintain their health. Not to maintain their hormonal misbalances which can affect their menstrual health, but to make sure that society can accept them.

Society who have come up with the term famine to fit the females into the ideal female category. They decided on their own about how a woman should talk, eat, walk, work, look, etc. Without seeing the requirements a woman has for her life. 

This idealization of women was first forced on women by others, and today it has become a choice of looking and behaving well. Like a woman, today wants to be slim to look good not to stay healthy. 


The present scenario is not very different from the past even if the women have found some equal opportunities and scope for their growth. They are still under societal pressure. A girl from a minority is lacking opportunities for growth and becoming the change, while a girl who has everything is under this unseen societal pressure of being an ideal woman according to the old norms.


Even when a rebellious woman raises her voice for justice, she limits herself somewhere under societal boundaries. Even though she is talking freely about menstrual hygiene or sex-related issues women face, she still prioritizes a thin figure as a good figure. 

A real-time example of how successful women face societal pressure?

Though the answer to our question is still not clear, one thing is clear successful women are facing societal pressure but is it affecting their status in the society or say in the world or their wishes? 

Priyanka Chopra

You read it right, she is our Bollywood queen, Priyanka Chopra. She is an ideal example to see how society is pressurizing successful women but how they are standing on their criteria because they are independent. As the mighty said, only with the power can speak for the right. 

Priyanka has faced many issues in her life, from getting body-shamed to getting trolled for marrying her husband Nick Jonas. Where the half part of society pressurized her, half of it stood with her decisions as an independent woman. 

She is still successful and unaffected by this society’s pressure because she has the power to stand alone in the world without any support or favour. 

Tapsee Pannu


We will not include more examples from Bollywood, but the actress herself opened up about getting lesser paid than male co-stars, though she worked hard on the movies. She also spoke on how directors are seeing actresses for exposing their bodies on the big screen as they believe that, that will generate more income for the movie.

She is outspoken and successful, who unfolded many curtains from the industry without pointing toward any single person. But she still does hard work and movies with full passion as she knows that people can speak all they want in her back but cannot argue for wrong in front of her success and hard work. 

Vineeta Singh

The successful Sugar cosmetics CEO, Vineeta Singh recently became a highlight through the shark tank. Though the lady is a real-life lady boss, she faced many societal pressures from the public on her body n all. People criticized her that she knows makeup but now diets to make herself fit into beauty categories. You might not find those trolls today as this successful lady outstood all of them with her success and life mantra. 


Not taking any more names and taking you to your surroundings. I will help you in figuring out more than 10 examples of successful ladies who are under societal pressure.

Female Teachers

You must have enjoyed gossiping about your sports teacher and single English ma’am. If not then you are forming a new society with open-minded people and a better place for all. 

Yes or no, there was always this gossip and you know what the result was? Either the teacher got married early or she changed her job. 

The topper of your class


It is easy to say that girls are scoring more marks than boys, but the reality is that the girl doesn’t have any other choice if she wants a successful career. Even today under society’s pressure of having a secure job, girls are choosing teaching just because of the safety in the profession, because girls are always a topper. 

No doubt girls are leading in various fields and sectors but teaching has become one basic option for them if they are good at studies and want to pursue further careers.

That fatty lady rocking in her expensive gown


If you can afford it then why not? It is a phrase many people use while buying stuff but the females who are fatty or overweight or even just healthier than their peers. She buys what fits her and doesn’t make her look fat. 

Even if she is very successful, society will say, just reduce some weight, it will make you beautiful with brains. But what is beauty? 

Single aunty living in your colony


Many women are living alone and succeeding in their life without a life partner. Even if the lady is successful she is judged for not having a husband. Society consoles her and judges her if she has any male friends.


These are a few examples from our daily lives, that clearly says that even successful women are under societal pressure. They might end up having it directly or indirectly from their surroundings. But though they are pressurized in their lives, they are not limiting themselves within any barriers. They are outstanding at these societal pressures without any insecurity. Successful women are facing societal pressures, but they are unaffected by them. We all are a part of society and can mold it in the way we want it and we want to see it. 

Yes, everyone is under societal pressure, even the prime minister of India, but their success and capability of analytical thinking make them solid. Whereas a weak person in the society who either doesn’t have confidence in themselves or the one who is not successful enough in their life, are not affected by this pressure but are broken under this societal pressure. 

Therefore, power comes from faith, confidence, hard work, and success, which can overcome any type of pressure without breaking.


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