We are hypocritical, aren’t we?

We say to strangers stay away,

This is our personal matter

And we are the only people that matter

We can chatter or clatter but, it doesn’t matter

It’s our personal matter!

Yet, when the notion of someone loving someone arises

We all together form a moral and religious horde

Preaching who can love whom and

Only and men and women together can we fathom

We are hypocritical, aren’t we?

We want our children to be happy

But wanna control who is allowed to make them happy?

We respect educated people

But reject their educated choices & opinions?

We pretend to be progressive on social media

But act like savages around LBBTQ+ spouses

We want no questions raised when we kill each other over religion

But we squirm and protest when two people of the same gender love each other?

We are hypocritical, aren’t we?



Concept says that everyone is straight

But what about those who are not

What about those who are quite different from us

Whom do we call straight ?

Now what about those, whose identities are being snatched ?

What about their feelings or their identity?

 Concept says that being straight is normal

But what about those extremely special people?

we can’t just neglect them!!

What about those who do not feel the way we do.

What about those who consider themselves as inferiors because of people living in our society.

 What if we give them our support, care and stand for their cause

Instead of making them feel odd

Instead of making them hate themselves

Lets support the queer groups

Lets understand them in a little better way.




Why? Why? Why?
Why are we questioned?
Why are we not seen as the same as all?
Why are we treated differently?
Why are we segregated?
Why do we have to hide?
Why? Why? Why?

We also have the same rights
As others have…
Let us live, let us live
the colourful life without any fear.
Without any fear of being judged
Without any fear to open up
Can’t we! Can’t we!

This is not the thing to be ashamed of
We are gifted by our mother nature
The one who finds shame and disgrace are shaming mother nature.
We are proud of our sexuality
We are the same as you all
We are humans, same as you all
So, treat us that way!
So, treat us that way!

Who gave you the right to decide?
That whether our identity
is right or wrong.
How it should be,
who are you to decide that ????
Let our mother nature decide
what’s wrong and what’s not.
Live and let others live…

What is our fault?
What is our fault?
No one can blame us
No one can judge us
No one can control us
It’s totally not our fault.
Not our fault.

Let us live, let us live
Let us survive, let us survive
Peacefully, peacefully, peacefully.

 Kanika Goel

Kanika Goel


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