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    PRIDE OF LGBTQ+ HOMONORMATIVITY We are hypocritical, aren’t we? We say to strangers stay away, This is our personal matter And we are the only people that matter We can chatter or clatter but, it doesn’t matter It’s our personal matter! Yet, when the notion of someone loving someone arises We all together form a moral and religious horde Preaching who can love whom and Only and men and women together can we fathom We are hypocritical, aren’t we? We want our children to be happy But wanna control who is allowed to make them happy? We respect educated people But reject their educated choices & opinions? We pretend to…

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    ALARMING SUICIDE RATE IN STUDENTS INTRODUCTION- Suicide could be a desperate plan to escape from sufferings that one feels is unendurable. People are at a high risk of this as they are often deeply conflicted regarding dying by suicide and instead, they need a robust to solve their issues, should not lose hope in their life. Unsighted by despair, isolation, self-loathing, or alternative tough feelings or thoughts, they’re usually unable to seek out an answer to finish their pain apart from taking their own life.Suicide of one may affect the health and well-being of their closed ones like friends, loved ones, co-workers, and therefore the community. When one folk die,…

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