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    EMERGING PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES DURING  PANDEMIC (COVID-19) INTRODUCTION Psychology is a relatively new field of science and it comprises the study of human behaviors, habits, and experiences. In simple terms, we can say that psychologists are not magicians but they have some special skills which allow them to occupy a place of high importance in our lives these days. The Mind-Body Debate remains a topic of major concern in Psychology and after going through a lot of studies and experiments we conclude that the mind and body are interrelated, they do affect each other’s functioning. If one wonders about the difference between brain and mind, it’s quite natural. Let us understand…

  • Gloves-Masks
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    BIOMEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT : A NEW CRISIS COVID-19 has brought a lot of issues in our lives, biomedical waste management is one of them. It can become the reason for many such viruses and crisis in the future. INTRODUCTION – CRISIS ONE AFTER THE OTHER In 2020 when COVID-19 hits India, nobody has ever imagined that it will become deadly for the human population. We were not ready for it. With the surge in COVID cases, there is a sudden rise in demand for biomedical equipment such as masks, PPE Kits, Sanitisers, Injections, etc. Hospitals were full of COVID patients. The whole world has witnessed several deaths all around the…

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