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    ALARMING SUICIDE RATE IN STUDENTS INTRODUCTION- Suicide could be a desperate plan to escape from sufferings that one feels is unendurable. People are at a high risk of this as they are often deeply conflicted regarding dying by suicide and instead, they need a robust to solve their issues, should not lose hope in their life. Unsighted by despair, isolation, self-loathing, or alternative tough feelings or thoughts, they’re usually unable to seek out an answer to finish their pain apart from taking their own life.Suicide of one may affect the health and well-being of their closed ones like friends, loved ones, co-workers, and therefore the community. When one folk die,…

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    ELDER ABUSE Abuse can happen to anyone irrespective of human age, sex, race, religion, or ethnic or cultural background. Every year, many adults over the age of 60 are getting abused, neglected, or financially exploited. It is known as elder abuse. Elder abuse causes harm or distress to the older person due to inappropriate behavior or action towards them, where there is an expectation of trust, love, and care. This kind of abuse is a worldwide issue. It includes harm by mates, who pretend to be very close to the elderly, like sons, daughters, neighbors, friend, and their partners. Since they are committed to family members, and these abuses get…

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    FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS False rape allegations are allegations of sexual harassment/rape made by someone when no such incident occurs with her. These are made to take revenge by defaming the character of a person or for material gain. WHAT ARE FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS ‘RAPE’ is a 4-letter word that can ruin anyone’s life forever whether the rapist or the rape victim. But this 4-letter word is also a very strong weapon that people generally use to ruin someone’s life to take revenge. False rape allegations charge is such a strong weapon to ruin someone’s career which cannot be defeated easily. In today’s world, it is very easy to make someone…

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    CHILD ABUSE Child abuse and neglect happen at every level within all regions of education. And this is an assumption that abuse only happens with a girl child, boys and girls are maltreated in equal numbers. Small Children less than 5 years are at the greatest risk for serious injury, depression, and death from abuse. The most common abusers in most of the abuse cases are parents, other family members, or an unmarried partner of a parent. The innocent child who suffers from this maltreatment is at higher risk for cognitive delays, emotional difficulties, harm to the development of nervous and immune systems, and health problems as adults. It is…

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