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    Successful Women Still Face Societal Pressure – Yes or No?

    Successful Women Still Face Societal Pressure – Yes or No? INTRODUCTION- Women and their rights are always a part of the hot topics on different platforms. Whether it is social media or the staff room from a school, this topic is deeper than anyone with a brain can think. It is not a new trendy topic as it’s been in the market even before the market was born. No one remembers when it began existing in this world where both men and women are fighting for equality with a newly recognized gender. It is not all about gender equality by government or in the corporate world, it is the equality…

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    ALARMING SUICIDE RATE IN STUDENTS INTRODUCTION- Suicide could be a desperate plan to escape from sufferings that one feels is unendurable. People are at a high risk of this as they are often deeply conflicted regarding dying by suicide and instead, they need a robust to solve their issues, should not lose hope in their life. Unsighted by despair, isolation, self-loathing, or alternative tough feelings or thoughts, they’re usually unable to seek out an answer to finish their pain apart from taking their own life.Suicide of one may affect the health and well-being of their closed ones like friends, loved ones, co-workers, and therefore the community. When one folk die,…

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    EMERGING PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES DURING  PANDEMIC (COVID-19) INTRODUCTION Psychology is a relatively new field of science and it comprises the study of human behaviors, habits, and experiences. In simple terms, we can say that psychologists are not magicians but they have some special skills which allow them to occupy a place of high importance in our lives these days. The Mind-Body Debate remains a topic of major concern in Psychology and after going through a lot of studies and experiments we conclude that the mind and body are interrelated, they do affect each other’s functioning. If one wonders about the difference between brain and mind, it’s quite natural. Let us understand…

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    BIOMEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT : A NEW CRISIS COVID-19 has brought a lot of issues in our lives, biomedical waste management is one of them. It can become the reason for many such viruses and crisis in the future. INTRODUCTION – CRISIS ONE AFTER THE OTHER In 2020 when COVID-19 hits India, nobody has ever imagined that it will become deadly for the human population. We were not ready for it. With the surge in COVID cases, there is a sudden rise in demand for biomedical equipment such as masks, PPE Kits, Sanitisers, Injections, etc. Hospitals were full of COVID patients. The whole world has witnessed several deaths all around the…

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    MAKING ABORTION A WOMEN’S RIGHT WORLDWIDE Women already have enough on their shoulders in this male-dominated society, and hence, denying them even the right to abortion is like adding more burden on them. It is disheartening to see that even in the 21st century, we come across millions of women struggling for the basic rights. It makes one wonder, for how much longer do people intend to make women do things based on their ideologies. It still comes as quite a shock, that women worldwide still do not possess the right to abortion on their wish, irrespective of their drastic conditions (health issues, teen pregnancy, rape victims, etc.). Although many…

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    STIGMA ASSOCIATED WITH DEPRESSION INTRODUCTION Depression is one of the most common mental health problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. But the stigma against such people is also increasing gradually. Mental illness is not given more importance as compared to physical due to lack of information amongst them. While many people accept that mental illness and the need for its treatment, still studies on stigma show that many people still have a negative view of those who are suffering from mental illness. This needs to be stopped as many people out there need help to fight against depression, anxiety…

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    STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL ON THE BASIS OF BODY Stop judging people on the basis of their body directly to put an end to expressing bad opinions about someone’s body structure. INTRODUCTION   “Stop being judgmental, everyone is unique” It is not admissible to judge someone by his or her physical appearance. Height, weight, colour does not decide how worthy the person actually is or about their character. We all are the creation of God and God can never be accused of anyone’s distortion. Everyone has heard the saying                                            “Never judge…

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    Burp of the Poor “I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual. I can love only one person at a time. I can feed only one person at a time. Just one, one, one.” Mother Teresa In some cultures a burp is considered a sign that the guest has enjoyed the meal and is full. We must have once in our lifetime burped after a heavy delicious meal but have you ever heard or seen a poor person taking a burp or even enjoying a full meal. The amount of food that is wasted by a person in a day might be a full…

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    BASIC NEEDS In today’s world in today’s condition where people are more concerned about themselves rather than others, there is one condition that we all must be concerned about and that is sorry those are basic needs.  So what are basic needs? There are basic five needs that all human beings require which are food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. And there are more basic needs that aren’t considered that much but are important and a few of those are sanitation and healthcare and personal hygiene. Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty: 68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day. Over 30% even have less than $1.25 per day available…

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    WOMEN EMPOWERMENT In major parts of the world, women are still denied basic education and are never allowed to run after higher education regardless of taking control of the needed acuity. This massive waste of talent is definitely holding economies towards the back. Power is known as the ability to influence the behaviour of others with or without restraint. The limit to which a person or group holds such a type of power is related to the social influence they can flaunt. As a French fashion designer Coco Chanel quotes, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”. What exists for men is commanded by women. Almost…

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