You can Donate via Paytm/UPI at 8272839919, scan this QR code or pay to UPI ID:  8272839919@paytm

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How will your donations be used?

Do not worry, your donations will safely reach the needy in many ways.

Initially, FETE started with educational campaigns, food distribution campaigns, sanitary pad distribution campaigns, etc. on a trim level. Currently, we do educational campaigns, food distribution campaigns, animal rescue, sanitary pad distribution campaigns, and many more. We wish to seek your support and help a wider group of people.

The feeling we get after helping is immense. We request you to join us in this journey of change and make it a better society to live in.

No one has ever become poor by giving.

From Extra To Enough, we are a team working on the betterment of society since the beginning. We aim to spread education, fulfill hunger, spread awareness about the topics that are paid less attention to, empower women and children, save animals, and above all help those in need because we believe everyone is worthy of happiness. You can pay your contribution too. A small donation can make a huge difference. We can together make this world a better place. Quantity does not matter, Giving Does.

“Gently, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Some people are fortunate enough to help the unfortunate ones. We at FETE feel blessed to achieve the smallest amount of donation we get because big hearts get more respect than big pockets. It’s your intention that counts, not your bank balance.
Have you ever wondered about the feeling when someone smiles because of you?
That feeling is out of the world.

Charity is a chain that goes on. Once you donate to a good cause, your children learn the same good values. Not only your children but the people you meet daily get influenced by you and start donating which can add more donations. This directly means more help to the needy.

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