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Food Campaign

Did you eat today? Congratulations! While it may seem like nothing, a large population of the world is not lucky enough to achieve the same. About 811 million people worldwide will be sleeping hungry tonight. In the past ten years, world hunger has been rising, pushing more and more people to be undernourished. The situation has been made worse by recent conflicts around the world, climate change, and most recently, COVID-19. 190 million people in India alone aren’t able to make two square meals a day. This data isn’t to guilt you into donating but to remind you and us, of the fortune that we take for granted. This is not to put a sword over your head every time you eat, but to encourage you to prevent the sword of hunger from falling on someone else’s.

We at FETE FOUNDATION have been trying to do our bit. We organize food distribution programs regularly feeding the needy around the city. Our volunteers try their best to make sure that as few people as possible are left with a growling stomach. But unlike our zeal, our resources are limited. We need your support. Your support ensures that we’re able to minimize the number of people with an empty stomach. It not only helps us reach closer to our dream of a hunger-free India but also motivates us to do our best. We hope that this may encourage you to think and help all those out there not because you have to, but because you want to.


Education Campaign

A little lamp is sufficient to eradicate the blinding darkness. Education is that lamp that lights up a person’s life and fills their future with hope and colors.

Knowledge is your weapon and your shield against the evils of the world,  which NOBODY can take away from you. If you want to truly improve someone’s life, give them the gift of education.

Education is the right of everybody but not everyone gets it. An educated person becomes an asset to improve many lives.

Our team fete, against all odds, has taken the responsibility to empower the children with knowledge and provide them with a new direction in their lives. It not only includes providing them with stationary but also with concerned teachers who guide them through the pages of the book.

cloth drive

Clothing Campaign


FROM EXTRA TO ENOUGH, FETE INDIA is an organization that has come forward to become helping hands of the poor and needy.  Giving is not just about donating, It’s about making a difference. If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have extra food, share it with those who are hungry. FETE FOUNDATION organizes clothing campaigns through which they donate clothes to the poor and needy. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure 💫. Once you donate clothes, you’re the reason for someone’s smile☺️. Your single contribution will be a great help to someone. Your small donation can make someone’s life happier.

We can do great things by doing small things with great love.


Oonchi Udaan

“No one saw that blooded body as they were passing nearby 

But everyone noticed those small blood stains on her clothes”                                                                               -Parth Bishnoi 

FETE FOUNDATION took a great initiative “OOCHI UDDAN” to create awareness about the menstrual cycle and hygienic practices in general folk. Periods remain a taboo,  mostly everywhere.

 Girls belonging to the underprivileged areas don’t know what are the side effects and what are the problems that they may face by using cloth during their periods because they lack knowledge and still use cloth. It’s time we set up and normalize period-related talks. Also, everyone should be aware of menstrual hygiene to lead a healthy life.

FETE launched a New project called -OONCHI UDAAN  based on a sanitary Napkins Distribution Drive and for making both men and women aware of menstrual health.

OUR TEAM is continuously organizing campaigns and making some changes on our bit.

We need your help and support to spread awareness and help a wider public.

Animal Care

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Why do we treat animals inhumanely?

Why do we reflect cruelty upon these creatures? Why do we slaughter them for our own selfish needs? These questions rarely cross anyone’s mind because they should because as the custodians of this planet, it’s our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love, and compassion.

Yes, they cannot speak or express but their eyes speak volume so don’t have this false predicament that they cannot feel or get hurt towards the actions reflected upon them by us because until we believe this a part of one’s soul will remain unawakened.

Hence, to raise awareness about the well-being of animals and give them freedom from thirst and hunger, our team ‘FETE FOUNDATION’ have come forward to take this responsibility to provide food and shelter for animals and we urge each and everyone to show social responsibility towards animals and treat them humanely.

Environment Care

Environment Makeover Project.

He that plants trees love others besides himself. – Thomas Tuller. 

 FETE Foundation works in every space of society and establishing a promising environment is one of our motives. We initiated a plant drive on the environment day, which facilitated a lot of people to plant a sapling and pay their contribution to the environmental make-over. We whole-heartedly show our gratitude to all those people who helped us throughout this campaign.

We need your support to make this environment happy and healthy.🤗

Join us In our plantation drives or plant as many trees as you can In your life  and take care of them.

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